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Eugene's Pet Wash

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4120 E. 52nd St.
Odessa, TX 79762

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24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week

Eugene's Pet Wash is a self service pet wash in Odessa, TX, that eliminates hand scrubbing, and cuts bath time in half. The pet wash delivers a skin rejuvenating and deep cleansing bathing experience. The strong and gentle flow of water gives a smooth massage to pets.

They guarantee your dog will love the clean and sanitized environment, whether the dog is a large breed or a small breed. Eugene’s Pet Wash provides a safe environment with slip-free mats, and the washing tub has steps, which eliminate the need to pick up the pet. Older and arthritic dogs should have an easy time getting into the tub.

The self service pet wash contains a powerful blow dryer that was designed with even the largest, full-coated breeds in mind. The dryer will blow warm air that will not overheat your dog, but the warm air will keep your dog from getting chilly in the winter. Eugene’s Pet Wash will leave your dog so fluffy and clean!

The self service pet wash is easy to pop in and out of. Dogs get dirty. That is a fact! Eugene’s Pet Wash is here to help you deal with that issue, whether you and your pup have been hiking or just tooling around in the backyard. You can eliminate park and road grime that spreads everywhere in your home.

Do it yourself self-service is very beneficial to both you and your dog. Come to Eugene’s Pet Wash to experience a self serve pet wash like no other.