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Eugene's Pet Wash

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4120 E. 52nd St.
Odessa, TX 79762

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24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week

Eugene's Pet Wash carries dog vending products in Odessa, TX, such as washing products, treats, towels, ponchos, and deodorizing spray. The products from the vending center can be used during washing to make the process easier. The treats are scrumptious, the towels are fluffy, and the deodorizing spray will leave your pet smelling super fresh!

Eugene’s Pet Wash recommends pet owners give treats to their dog immediately after washing is complete. This action will tell them that if they are patient during a bath, they will get a toy or a treat. A calm and patient dog means you and your pet will remember a great experience rather than one that resulted in chaos. The vending center has dog treats that your dog will love. They will be begging for more!

The vending center at Eugene’s Pet Wash wants your dog to smell great! Although the shampoo and conditioner will leave a great scent on your dog’s coat, why not leave them smelling even better? The deodorizing spray has a gentle formula that will not irritate your dog’s skin. The vending center will dispense the deodorizing spray in a quiet manner so it will not disturb your pet’s demeanor.

Eugene’s Pet Wash vending center also dispenses ponchos. This is very convenient for dog lovers, because they will stay dry during a visit to the self serve pet wash. Ponchos make it possible for a pet owner to bring their dog in during a lunch break, and they will continue to stay dry for the rest of their work day.

You can find all of the little extras you need in our dog vending center. Stop by Eugene’s Pet Wash in Odessa, TX, to use the self serve pet washing system.